The Importance of a Study Buddy

The Importance of a Study Buddy

Two minds are better than one, right? A 2014 study concluded that 23% of students participating in the ‘Study Buddy Support Scheme‘ passed their test compared to those that opted to study by themselves.

Given the current state of watching classes online and not always being at school or on campus, it proves difficult to join in shared learning with your friend. This is why having a study buddy must be a conscious choice and thereafter, there are so many rewards to reap.

Whether you are still at school, first year at university or a postgraduate student, you may be asking, “Why do I need a study buddy?” Here’s why:

  1. Two is better than one
    Your study buddy can remind you or confirm test and exam dates with you. Never miss a test again! Your study buddy can ask you questions on a subject that you had not thought and quiz you before a test. A great way of learning is also quizzing your partner in return.
  2. Increases motivation
    We all have those days when we would rather watch Netflix than get into the books. A study buddy can encourage and motivate you by inviting you to a study session. Motivating your study buddy when they are feeling depleted can also spark energy in you to get studying.
  3. Accountability is key
    Knowing that you need to study with someone else, make summaries or quiz them brings out a sense of accountability. Your study buddy will keep you accountable to your progress and you should do the same for them.
  4. It’s way more fun
    It’s obvious, studying with someone is way more fun than studying alone. You can bounce ideas off one another and get insight on a different perspective which could be invaluable in your learning journey. What is even better is that when you have a study break, your friend is already there to grab a coffee with you or chat up a storm.

Remember that to have a study buddy, it is advised that they are studying the same subjects as you in order for you to fully benefit from studying together. Furthermore, be a good study partner for your friend, it’s a two-way streak. If you expect them to remind you, quiz you and encourage you, you have to do the same for them. Trust us though, it is so rewarding!