Occupants must be registered as a full time student at a recognised educational institution.

All rooms are furnished with a single bed, study unit, bathroom and mini kitchenette that includes a bar fridge and microwave. 

*Nassau and Michaelhouse makes use of shared kitchens and bathrooms

All occupants are expected to maintain the safety of the premises by ensuring all gates are closed and doors are closed and locked before leaving the building. Do not allow access to any unknown person at any time and report lost/stolen keys and remotes immediately. 

Visitors are welcome at any time, no sleepovers are permitted.

No animals are allowed in the building or on the premises.

The premises is a NO SMOKING zone, unless clearly indicated otherwise.

All residents receive 10 gig of data each month, more data can be bought directly from the supplier.

You are welcome to leave your belongings in your room over holiday periods. Residents that renew leases for the new year can leave their belongings over the December holidays.