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    Standard Virus/Trojan removal programs can cripple your system by making changes to the Registry which adversely affect your computer’s performance. Trojan Remover was written to be a faster, safer and more effective tool for removing malicious Trojan Objects.
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    This package also includes a TrueType font and a PostScript Type 1 font.

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    Autodesk Showcase is a presentation software solution that delivers built-in animations, transitions and effects, and export to GIF, Flash, Adobe Flash Professional and Web page format-ready HTML5.
    It’s perfect for quick builds and for sharing workflow-driven animations. Features include importing of presentations using drag and drop as well as videos from Smartphones and other recording

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    SkyDrive is the new generation for Windows Live Drive. SkyDrive gives you all the functionality you need for a perfect Cloud storage solution for your files, while offering your link to all your online files in the world. SkyDrive provides two attractive options to connect: by the Internet (using the SkyDrive download app for Windows Live or Mac OS X) or by a regular computer (accessing your SkyDrive files from within Office, Windows explorer, or even third party applications). It’s truly

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    The only real downside to the application is that you cannot see your progress as you convert documents, which can make the process seem tedious. However, the report feature that comes packaged with the software helps address this issue to some extent.
    Robust and efficient application that can be used on any platform
    pdf2qfx Convert works just fine on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux. The latter three operating systems will need to be installed prior to converting files, but on macOS and

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    All Vector Button_04 Icons are distributed under this license:


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    Alpha Hex
    Similar to the Average OS for Mac, Alpha Hex doesn’t have a lot of features, but makes it a lot easier for Windows users who prefer this operating system.
    “The Highest Level average OS for Windows.”

    Mac OS X: ? How to Hijack GitHub’s Website and Delete Your Comments
    If you use GitHub, you may have already noticed that the website of the popular version

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    Complexation of a Calix[6]arene Gated Gold(I) Nitrate Quantum Dot for Release Specific Targeting of White Blood Cells.
    The water-soluble calix[6]arene-based nanosystem G4-AuNTA-PAA with a free terminal amino group was designed for specific localization and intracellular release of gold(I) complex to the cytoplasmic level in human G0/G1-orth

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    Complexation of a Calix[6]arene Gated Gold(I) Nitrate Quantum Dot for Release Specific Targeting of White Blood Cells.
    The water-soluble calix[6]arene-based nanosystem G4-AuNTA-PAA with a free terminal amino group was designed for specific localization and intracellular release of gold(I) complex to the cytoplasmic level in human G0/G1-orth

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    Features of iMacros Component for.NET

    Can be Embedded into a Form – User Control

    Execute Macro Connections

    Execute for all Browser Windows

    Validate Macros

    Refresh Results

    iMacros Component for.NET is a monolithic.NET component that is called from the same dll as iMacros, unlike the Webbrowser Control where users cannot embed other controls inside the browser window.


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    Each language version of MusicCubeOne is a welcome addition to the 1.0 release.
    MusicCubeOne also includes a native multimedia bookmarking system. Files can be added into one of three categories (Music, Images or Video), and played later in the Memory (single file mode). Files can be marked as favorites and returned in the bookmark dialog, for further usage.
    MusicCubeOne supports WMA Pro (from WM6 and above) using the provided Windows Media Player Module (Win

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    Source: Windows 10 Blog

    Windows Store App Editor for those who enjoy experimenting around with the Windows 8 Apps.
    Windows 8 Apps are natively bundled programs packaged in the Windows Store. These apps can be created as part of an expression language called XAML, or by using an existing programming language such as C# and VB.NET. However, before we dive head first into the world of XAML, let us see what the Windows Store offers. The Windows store is

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    This is a complete package, including the tools to optimise the size of the slab (VHS as well as Poisson s ratio in both directions).

    The application fully supports P2 (European profile): X65, N&M, N&M(ACI-318), IWF, G, NOCB and BRI (Brügger & Thomet technique).

    Flab Slab Analysis and Design

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    One of the basic things you’ll have to understand while installing any software is that it is a massive undertaking. This is especially true for piracy; you have to make sure that you acquire the right app for your needs, like AtoZ My Copy Creater, but also that the app that you install is trusted. When it comes to the latter challenge, especially for those of us that are uncertain about the legitimacy of a download, the only real option we have is to download from a

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    The features include:

    Round: the game can be set to round off a game played in a game mode with the same “game controller”.

    Mail Chess: Email correspondence chess can be set to start a new game on a certain condition specified by the sender.

    The following commands are available to you:

    start – create a new round

    nop (n) – open the game in a game mode with the “n” game controller


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    A very useful window manager indeed.






    The icon-based interface gave us a sense of familiarity, and the ability to customize the number of rows and columns further enhanced the user experience. There are a few settings elements here and there that seemed to be unnecessary, but, if you don’t really need that or want to

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