Armentum consists of 77 modern bachelor student apartments, of which 76 are standard, furnished bachelor apartments and 1 furnished bachelor apartment to accommodate a tenant with physical disabilities. 

The apartments have luxury finishes throughout, complete with a kitchenette, ventilated bathroom, single bed with quality mattress, wardrobe, wall-to-wall floating bookshelves, a 2.5m study worktop and a chair.

Armentum is a stylish residence ideal for students attending the University of Stellenbosch. Situated just 200m from the campus, Armentum offers every modern convenience in the beautiful surroundings that the Western Cape’s “city of oaks” is famous for. This elegant and functional development’s design comprises private studio apartments that link seamless with communal areas and kitchen facilities. These shared spaces serve as both the social nexus and entertainment areas that make Armentum one of the most sought-after residences in town.

23 Cluver Street, Stellenbosch

Application fee: R1 400 (Non-refundable and payable upon filling in and submission of the application form)

Deposit: R13 600 (Payable within 7 days after signing the lease agreement)

Acknowledgement of one yearly payment of R81 600
payable by 10 Dec 2019

Acknowledgement of bi-annual payments of R40 800 by
10 Dec 2019 and 10 May 2020

Acknowledgement of quarterly payments of R20 400 by
10 Dec 2019; 10 March 2020; 10 June 2020; 10 Sept 2020

10 January 2020 – 10 December 2020